freakan's...The food truck


Harish Nair, Founder


Hello foodies!!

Welcome to Freakan Food!

Three ingredients "Food, care and innovation", cooked on heat of love to real mouthwatering surprises.

It was always for taste which you have always desired for. We will make sure you get your palettes burst with all emotions of taste.

The word "freakan" is derived from the word freaking and freaken (college slang in kerala). Freakan here means: Bindas, crazy, cool, and full of surprises.

The three important foundations of freakan's food truck are Food, Care and Innovation.

Freakan's is a fully owned brand of Freakan Food, one of the pioneering food truck in the state of Chhattisgarh. In freakan's you will get dishes which are rare in the out-of-home food outlets. You will get to know the original taste of the dishes which has been liked by millions of foodies in India and in the world. We will try to serve you with one of best dishes from India, Mughal Kitchen and World cuisine.

We would like to be true authentic in taste as well as food preparation process. All the ingredients used are of highest quality and un-adulterated. Especially, no artificial food colors or un-prescribed food chemicals will be used. So you get the real taste of the dishes.

The ingredient we chose for our dishes and the recipes are different for different food. There are whole set of process involved in preparing the food and serving you with great care. At times, there are certain food which requires preparation of more than 36 hours.

There could be Dishes involving rare herbs and spices.

In all, the mouthwatering surprise is worth tasting. Yes, you may visit some day and find a new dish, again a new day, new dish….so the surprise will go on…


Harish Nair

Founder and Chef